Modern Apparatus for Teaching Physics ("MATPHYS" LLC) is a small company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of laboratory instruments for the advanced undergraduate physics laboratory. Our emphasis is on the education of physicists and not technicians. MATPHYS is run by two practicing experimental particle physicists (Thomas Coan and Jingbo Ye) who also teach at the university level.

6551 Patrick Dr.
Dallas, TX 75214-2528 USA

email: info AT
tel:  (+1) 972 971-8112
fax: (+1) 214-291-7218
Federal EIN: 71-0937607


We currently have just a single instrument in production ("Muon Physics").  This device allows the student to measure the muon lifetime in matter and to demonstrate the time dilation effect of special relativity. The instrument is also useful for collecting genuinely  random numbers that students can then use to explore the properties of various probability distributions (e.g., binomial, gaussian, poisson). Finally,  students can garner experience with signal processing and data analysis techniques (e.g., curve fitting) using the readout electronics and the free data display and analysis software routines. See our marketer for ordering details. See us for technical questions at our above email address.

A picture of the complete instrument, a concise technical description (also published at Am. J. Phys. 74, 161 (2006)) and a users manual in pdf format (1.3 MB) are freely available. You can also download the free software for the instrument. (This is the same software that comes on the CD included with the instrument.)

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